Why Books are The Perfect Holiday Gifts for Kids

What’s on your holiday gift list this season? Regardless of whether you finished your holiday shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, add books to the list. Even if you’re not a bookworm, books can be the perfect holiday gifts for kids because it promotes learning a healthy habit of reading. In fact, most kids benefit from reading, writing, drawing.

Simply using the imagination in some sort of way can help with problem-solving skills, creativity, and dealing with emotions! Enforcing healthy habits such as these can help kids have a creative outlet when their upset, angry, or happy! Using books can show kids they can dive into a story for help and for fun. Giving books for the holidays can act as more than just a present, what if the book you give triggers a new world of imagination in a child?

Reading Builds Creativity and Knowledge in Young Minds

You can never learn too much and as adults, we want to promote our children to keep growing! Kids’ brains are like sponges, especially during early adolescence and as teachers, grown-ups, and helpers we want to take advantage of it. For this holiday season, give your kids a book to fill and expand their brains with knowledge AND creativity.

With literature, there is such a wide variety it can be hard to pick just one. Don’t get too worried any genre can be beneficial for a child’s curiosity. If you still need help, check out Time’s article for best reads for children here. 

Good Reading Habits Help With Bedtime 

Oh no! Too many candy canes, now we’ve got a sugar rush on our hands. The holidays are an exciting time and with so many sweets and desserts, kids can sometimes eat too much. And when kids eat too much sugar, bedtime can be prolonged. Bedtime stories typically can do the trick! With a book, you can read your child a new bedtime story to calm the sugar rush and let their minds drift off into dreamland. Are you ready to give books as your holiday gifts this year? Make reading a priority for your family AND friends by giving the gift of books because literature never ends up on the naughty list


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