Give The Gift Of Reading! 3 Things You Can Do to Promote Literacy Over the Holidays

Reading is essential for all grades, ages, and talents. It doesn’t matter where you come from, how old you are, or what career path you see in the future –  reading comprehension and basic writing skills can push anyone to the top.

Reading helps with vocabulary and speaking. Even if you don’t consider yourself a gifted public speaker, reading out loud can sharpen your eloquence in front of a large group. You’d be surprised at how much more comfortable you are in front of a group of people! 

Still not convinced? Here are a couple of reasons to promote literacy over the holidays. 

Hold Your Own (Used) Book Sale

Hey, bookworms! Don’t you love a good used-book store? Why not make it yourself? We understand not everyone loves to read as we do, but getting family, friends, or neighbors to donate used books to your book sale or garage sale can make more people start reading this year. With the new technological age, books (hardcover especially) can be expensive! If you find enough donated books you can sell them for half-off! Hold your own book sale this year at an affordable rate. 

Volunteer to Read a Book at a School 

Remember the public speaking we were talking about earlier? If you have the pre-speech jitters, calm your fears by actually reading a book instead of memorizing a speech! Volunteer at a local school and read a short story or small portion of your favorite book to send a wholesome message to young kids and practice your public speaking at the same time. 

Incorporate Daily Reading Into Your Day

You don’t have to be a public speaker to start reading, literature can also help with basic conversations you have in the workforce or with peers. Daily reading can broaden your vocabulary, grammar, and syntax in everyday life! Try reading a short article first or a few of your favorite quotes to get you in the habit. By incorporating daily reading, you’ll give a good example of why literacy is so important! 

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Keep reading this holiday and lead your kids by example with literature!



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