It gives me a great deal of professional and personal pleasure to endorse and recommend The Literacy Project’s reading program. As a teacher, principal, superintendent, and California’s Secretary of Education, I had multiple opportunities to observe and pilot many literacy programs. The Literacy Project has a program that I have observed and field tested. The results from students that have participated in this program are a true testimony to its value…the data is compelling!

The California Subject Matter Committee of Reading and Literature of The Regents of the University of California co-developed “The New Phonics Game™” product. This unique product is made to conform and align with the standards for the classroom reading in the State of California. This motivating, standards aligned, proven program is sorely needed during these times of extreme fiscal problems and academic accountability. This program delivers! This program is a “must see”, “must utilize” for the reading success of our children!

Dave Long, Ph.D.
CEO, Dave Long & Associates
Former California Secretary of Education

“I fully endorse The Literacy Project. The program is willing to step up and fill the gap that exists in our education system. We hope that because of the tremendous results that we are seeing from the program that one day it will not only solve our literacy problems statewide but also expand its reach nationally.”

The Late Marian C. Bergeson
CA State Senator, Ret., former, CA State Secretary of Education
Former CA Secretary of Education, Senator

I am endorsing the use of The Literacy Project’s reading program in the classroom based on the strength of their educational tools. Like none other, it was designed to conform and align with the reading curriculum taught in our classrooms based upon the California Basic Phonics Skills Test mode of learning. As a result, the program provides ideal supplemental learning with in-classroom instruction as well as during after-school programs. We are fortunate to be offered a program like this that ensures increased reading skill levels for our students. I highly encourage principals to look into this program further to understand the benefits it provides.

William M. Habermehl
County Superintendent of Schools

The Literacy Project has made a tremendous difference in Savanna School District over the past several years! Because of our partnership, we’ve seen steady gains in the literacy levels of many of our struggling readers in our schools. The engaging, interactive nature of the program provided the ‘spark’ that reluctant readers needed as they learned key phonetic skills during the sessions. Your staff was very flexible, working closely with principals to tailor program schedules to best meet the needs of the school, the staff, and most importantly, the students. I cannot thank you enough for allowing Savanna School District’s students to benefit from such a wonderful partnership as we’ve worked together to give each child the gift of literacy!

Dr. Sue Johnson
Superintendent, Savanna School District, Anaheim, CA

“We are really happy with the relationship we have developed with The Literacy Project. In a short time, we’ve seen great growth with kids in their program. This is a tremendous resource that has truly closed the literacy gap for a group of our students.”

Hanan Thornton
Assistant Superintendent at Magnolia School District, Anaheim, CA

It is with profound gratification and pride that I write this letter on behalf of the Anaheim Family YMCA. While our organization provides a safe, positive and enriching place for students, it is through partnerships with programs such as The Literacy Project that helps build upon Anaheim Achieves’ exceptional curriculum by providing our at-risk youth with literacy development, reading assistance, mentoring, and enrichment activities.

This program has proven to be successful with both significant and stellar results from our participants. The Literacy Project has been able to create a learning climate that is all at once challenging, encouraging and supportive. The environment that is provided by the credentialed teachers invites students to be developed in a way that is outside the “normal” method of daytime curriculum, utilizing one-on-one and small group settings that maximize the students’ time and engagement with their teachers and their peers.

Debbie Jauch
VP of Programs, Anaheim Family YMCA, Anahiem, CA

Three years ago, I had the opportunity to bring Literacy Project to my elementary school as a Tier 2 intervention program for second-grade students. We felt this program would help close the “phonics” gap for students who were struggling with reading, particularly in the area of decoding. With the help of strong instructors and a fun game approach, participating students made great gains between the pre- and post-assessment and displayed growth in classroom reading activities as well. In addition to academic progress, students thoroughly enjoyed this program and reported positive attitudes about their reading achievement. I would not hesitate in recommending Literacy Project to my colleagues who are always looking for extra support with a proven track record of success.

Dawn Breese
Principal, Robert M. Pyles Elementary, Magnolia School District, Anaheim, CA

I am a second-grade teacher at Edison School. Araceli Guzman just finished six weeks working on students in my class. I would just like to say how pleased I am with the progress of all the students. They enjoyed the class so much and were always eager to go. Each of the students made a lot of progress in decoding skills and language arts. Clearly, The Literacy Project is a very valuable and worthwhile program. Thank you for letting my second-graders be a part of this very successful educational endeavor.

Judy Shumway
2nd-Grade Teacher, Thomas Edison Elementary School, Anaheim, CA

It has been truly beneficial to have The Literacy Project at our school. With so many students needing help, it is difficult to meet their needs with the limited resources we have. Every student that has participated has been happy and eager to go every day. They are so eager that they have learned to tell time on the analog clock and remember when it’s their turn to go. I saw growth in all the groups, but I have to say that I saw the greatest difference in the high intensive/low strategic students. I feel that they really gained reading skills, more so than the intensive students, who frequently have some kind of learning disability.

Nathalie’s dad came to ask if she could join the group again because he was noticing the difference in her reading and writing ability. She was one of the low strategic students. I think that not only have the participating students improved their reading skills but in their confidence level as well.

Cynthia Pruitt
2nd-Grade Teacher, Thomas Edison School, Anaheim, CA

There is always a sense of discovery and delight when engaging with children and their learning. What is incredibly revitalizing and refreshing is that this occurred with my kids in The Literacy Project reading program! From day one my students were curious and excited to learn about The New Phonics Game™. The inherent optimism and self-esteem built into completing a phonetic skill and moving onto the next level encouraged kids to take risks and they delighted in helping one another by mastering various skills. Enjoying themselves was an expectation that was met every time they engaged in the program. It is a tried and true approach to rote learning– make it fun and they won’t notice the time passing. Most of the students achieved their benchmarks! They were saddened when I told them of the approaching date of completion and certificates.

It is an honor to teach students and witness their success and it is with great appreciation that the vehicle of transformation was through The Literacy Project.

Susan Petz
Master Teacher, The Literacy Project, Newport Beach, CA