The Literacy Project (TLP) will remove the impediment of illiteracy from the lives of our most vulnerable children with the help of teachers, volunteers, mentors and role models. We will continue to grow organically while developing new strategies, products and tools that will be saleable, verifiable, and sustainable. We will strive to foster in our children the life-long love of reading, for it is the doorway to learning and achieving the American Dream.


To eliminate the literacy gap of emerging 2nd-graders who are functionally illiterate.


The goals of The Literacy Project are to enable these children to become self-sufficient, productive and contributing members of our society. To do this, we:

  • Target specific markets with low literacy rates, demographically disadvantaged youth in Title 1, “at-risk” and levels 3-5 schools of the Performance Improvement (“PI”)
  • Provide a highly cost-effective, user-friendly and easily comprehensible learning method to students who are significantly below grade reading proficiency
  • Increase the learning experience using proven, scientific methods
  • Provide Master Teachers as specialized administrators of the reading program
  • Provide pre- and post-testing to each participant to substantiate the success rate
  • Increase reading fluency and phonetic skills by an average of 3/4 a grade level
  • Retain critical and basic phonic skills for fundamental reading proficiency

What we’re doing about it…

The Literacy Project is leading the charge against growing illiteracy among school-age children.

We are bridging the literacy gap by serving the literacy needs of struggling second-grade readers…the critical point to prevent at-risk students from ending up illiterate and losing all hope of living productive adult lives.

How we’re doing it…

We offer a comprehensive instructional program that improves both academic and attitudinal levels of students performing well below English proficiency standards. The program is aligned with Common Core and collaborative learning methods and is administered by Master Teachers who are product-trained experts and highly credentialed as reading and language arts specialists.

The program is provided at “no cost” to both the school and qualified students in the second grade. Our program teaches the fundamental principles of phonics in all three learning modalities – auditory, visual, and tactile – critical to children with varying learning styles.

The Literacy Project (TLP) accesses and enhances key phonic skills among struggling readers, promotes learning in a fun, social and interactive environment, uses proven methods to maximize the learning experience and fosters self-sufficiency and economic success through academic achievement.

We give the gift of literacy…

We are giving children the chance to visualize what the world has to offer and fulfill their personal dreams. We are building their dreams into realities, creating avid readers for a lifetime…one child at a time.