Teacher Of The Quarter – Sara Smith – Utah Chapter

Why did you decide to become a teacher?

When I was entering 3rd grade my family moved to a new town and a new school.  I was so timid and scared to start at a new school.  My teacher was Mrs. Rowser.  She loved me from the moment she met me.  I could feel it!  I don’t remember the specific things she taught me that year, but I knew that I was valued and important to her by the way she listened to me, taught me and made me feel.  Mrs. Rowser made such an impact on my life that as I look back, her influence led me naturally to teaching. I enjoy being with children and I really delight in making a difference in their world.

What is your favorite part of teaching?

My favorite part of teaching is observing children when they start to “get it”! I love when their brains catch on to what we are talking about and the “lightbulb” turns on!

Tell us about a memorable time when you were teaching with The Literacy Project.

One day when I was teaching the children a new concept one of the girls was sitting on her chair “criss-cross applesauce” with her hands together as if she were meditating.  Seconds later all 6 of the children were sitting that way “meditating” saying “Ooooohhhhhmmmmm”.  Once the “Oooooohhhhmmmm”ing stopped the children were very attentive and caught on quickly to the new cards and game.  It was a super funny memorable moment where we all laughed.

What books do you and your students enjoy reading the most?

The children are thrilled when we read any book, however they especially like rhyming books.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about working with The Literacy Project?

I would tell someone who is thinking about working with The Literacy Project to DO IT! It is an amazing experience that literally changes children’s lives! It is a wonderful opportunity to help and observe children succeed! 

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