2019 Cheers for Literacy May Event Recap

A crowd of 100 people collected at The Winery in Newport Beach, CA to take part in The Literacy Project’s highly anticipated event, Cheers for Literacy. The event was a friendly bar battle, wherein two teams battled it out to see who could raise the most money, in the form of cash tips, to benefit The Literacy Project. 

The first team was made up of Master Trainer at Motion Fitness Group, Amy Green, and Founder and Partner of Winthrop Couchot Golubow Hollander, LLP,  Garrick Hollander, Esq. They put up a great fight in the ultimate cocktail war, going first in Round 1. They crafted, stirred, and poured cocktails for a solid hour, knowing that the cash tips they were making all went to support the mission of The Literacy Project. They performed admirably and certainly made it a challenge for Team 2 to follow in their wake. 

It was time for Team 2 to step up to the plate. Team members Matt Hayden, the Founder and Owner at SeaPurity Investments, and Brian Stern, Healthcare Executive at DaVita Healthcare Partners, both knew they needed to really impress after following Amy and Garrick. These two savvy bartenders were up to the challenge and really showed their cocktail prowess during the hour they held the bar. The crowd was loving it, so much so that a secret guest bought the first round of drinks for everyone during their round.

Although the friendly competition was fierce, everyone in attendance would agree that it was a successful event during which many new friends and introductions were made. The bartenders were able to commend each other and due to their hard work, The Literacy Project was able to continue giving the gift of literacy to at-risk children. 

Cheers to that!

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